In our affiliate program you can share your own promotion code with which your family, friends and followers can buy with discounts and at the same time you can earn commissions.


Step 1.  Register with PromoHill. With PromoHill you can see all available campaigns as well as the discount and commissions. You will have your own dashboard in which you can see your commissions and which campaign you are promoting.

Step 2. Promote our products on your social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Remember, use the hashtags #vintageandmodernmadness, #ateliervmm and #joy_lv2017.

Step 3. Start to earn money. 


1. Personalized promotion code.

2. Special discount for influencers with more than 15,000 followers.

3. For You Tubers with more than 15,000 subscribers that promote our products in their channel we will promote your You Tube channel in the product page for two weeks and mention them in our social networks so that they gain exposure.

4. Dashboard on the PromoHill platform where you can have control of the campaign you want to promote and the commission earned.

5. All commissions are paid through PayPal.


Press PromoHill Logo to start the registration.


Questions?  Click on the link below.