Can I do this program even if I do not have many followers?            

     Yes you can. Although some of the benefits are not going to apply.

Who pays the commissions?

     All commission is processed and paid by PromoHill.

How often do I receive my commissions?

     Promohill pays commissions every 30 days.

How do I receive my commission payment?

     Commissions are paid by PayPal (Recommended) or by paper check.

Do I need to have the product to promote it?

     It is not necessary. To promote our merchandise, you only have to copy and paste some of our photos. But it should be noted that you achieve more engagement when you use the product.

If I want to purchase and promote an item, do I have to pay the full price?

     No. If you register with PromoHill, you will obtain your own code which you can use for your own benefit, obtaining the discount and the commission.