Let's start with:

Style and Fit. 

Unlike men who only have 3 styles of T-Shirts to choose (regular, slim and Big & Tall), women can choose between styles, sizes, cuts and how much they want to show or how much they want to cover.  That's why you should take into consideration what style of T-shirt looks best on you.

Design and Message

There are no good or bad decisions when it comes to selecting a T-Shirt style, just the message you want to send.  The logo and graphic design is an important key when sending this message. You can choose a T-shirt with the design of a kitten or you can use it with an imponent defiant tiger.  The message you send is different, and that's why there is no correct or incorrect decision when selecting a tee, only the message. The choice is yours!

Note of the Author

At Vintage and Modern Madness (aka Atelier VMM) We have thought of you from the beginning of an original idea to the final product. Send that message that inspires you the most!

Through our designs, you can speak to the world with a message of power, beauty, inspiration, passion and good taste. Check out our item description and send the message that inspires you today!